Pic of the Day: “Paths of Glory” German program

Ending the work week this Friday before Christmas is a portion of a German program for Paths of Glory (1957), very similar to the one I posted a while back for The Killing (1956).  (I will try to get both of them scanned in in their entirety, now that my husband has a new extra-large scanner). It’s especially appropriate that this is a German program, seeing as how the film was shot there.

The scene in which Tim is pictured here, the imprisoned soldiers tearing into their last meal, a roasted duck, required approximately 68 takes. Depending on when the scene had been interrupted (before or after the ripping apart of the bird), multiple roasted ducks had to be on hand. “Timothy Carey just couldn’t do the same thing twice, either deliberately or unconsciously,” Stanley Kubrick once said. “He had to eat this meal in a prison cell and every take required an untouched duck.”

2 responses to “Pic of the Day: “Paths of Glory” German program

  1. Marissa

    Is it OK if I use the program image as a holiday card for backers of the documentary?
    I already have it but not of the image quality that you sent.

    David Spodak
    POG: Anatomy of a Film


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