Quote of the Week

“Everything was fine until I got to Parris Island, then I didn’t like the Marine Corps. Oh, I could tell you things about the Marine Corps, boy. I’m not kidding. I called my mother and I said ‘I wanna get out of here!’ I didn’t like it at all. It wasn’t what I believed it was going to be. I knew it wasn’t going to be a tea party, but… They beat me from pillar to post, you know, called me ‘big stupe,’ kept on shooting me in the arm with this thing. The drill instructor said ‘Look, I’m just as good as Jesus Christ.’ He was tough, this guy. They had a rifle range, you know, and I could never get into the right position. You had to kneel down and put your fanny on your heel. I just couldn’t do that too good. And the drill instructor said, ‘I want this big stupe to fall over a locker box tonight!’ Every recruit has a locker box. If you fall over it, everybody can beat you up. So they came and beat me up that night. I ended up in the hospital. I tried to protect my knees, and they hit me over the knees with a baseball bat. And that was the Marine Corps.”

– Tim talking about his experience at Marine boot camp at age 15 (he had absconded with his late older brother’s birth certificate), from the work-in-progress documentary available at Absolute Films

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