Pic of the Day: “The Wild One” revisited

Starting off our week is another shot from The Wild One (1953), directed by Laslo Benedek and starring Marlon Brando, presumably in the title role. Heh. Tim and his rude biker cohorts are terrorizing poor switchboard operator Dorothy (Eve March), who soon finds herself taking a personal day off.

"Go home, Dorothy!"

March most notably had small roles as teachers in two classic Val Lewton productions, The Seventh Victim (1943) and The Curse of the Cat People (1944).

2 responses to “Pic of the Day: “The Wild One” revisited

  1. The Wild One is a special movie to me as it has Timothy Carey and Lee Marvin, two very interesting actors, together. I think some stuff has been cut from the release version. There is a scene with Carey being put in a police car, but no explanation how he was caught; didn’t Marvin and his gang leave the town?

    IMDB used to have Timothy Carey listed in the cast of Billy Wilder’s Ace in the Hole as a “man removing the teletype machine,” which is wrong, and Ace in the Hole is no longer listed as a Carey movie. Carey clearly is not either of the two men carrying the machine. However, I believe he is the bearded, shirtless workman with hat who is seen in two scenes. Carey told in an interview that he was fired by Wilder, but some shots of his role obviously remain. Do you have more information about Carey and Ace in the Hole?


  2. Good questions, R.J.! Tim and guys he was hanging out with sort of disappear after chasing Dorothy away, and yeah, by the end of the film they’re being rounded up by the cops. They kind of got separated from Chino and the rest of the gang, I guess. I’ve never heard a better explanation. Somebody “had to pay,” I imagine.

    As for Ace in the Hole, I know exactly which fellow you’re talking about. I went back and tried to get a better look at him, and no, I honestly don’t think it’s Tim. So it’s a mystery at this point as to whether he appears in the finished film at all. That is something I plan on investigating in my research for the book! Stay tuned!!


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