Video of the Week: “He’ll Never See Daylight”

EDITOR’S NOTE 12/18/13: Aaaaaand it’s gone again. Sorry folks.

EDITOR’S NOTE 10/02/12:  It’s back! Watch it while you can!!

EDITOR’S NOTE 06/05/12: Aaaaaand it’s gone. That was quick.

EDITOR’S NOTE 05/30/12: The original videos had been removed for copyright violation, but now another user has uploaded the episode in its entirety. Enjoy it while it lasts!

YES some kind soul put this up on YouTube! OK folks. Our video for this week is the Baretta pilot episode “He’ll Never See Daylight,” which first aired on January 17, 1975. It was directed by the legendary Bernard L. Kowalski. Tim is a hood by the name of Matty Trifon, who likes bellydancers and chicken.

The scene in the Middle Eastern restaurant where Tim puts on the white gloves and devours the chicken starts about 30 minutes in. Don’t miss it. It’s hilarious.

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