Quote of the Week

“The first time I worked was in a Clark Gable film in Colorado… and I was sent one time in New York by an agent who used to handle Clark Gable by the name of Chamberlain Brown. I was just an extra in Across the Wide Missouri (MGM, 1951). Gable had a home up there they rented for him. I went there and said I was working on the picture. They invited me in and gave me tea and crumpets and were very hospitable to me. I started working on the show three days later and he was a little embarrassed that he wined and dined an atmosphere player at his home. I worked on the show, I played a dead man in it, it was a great part! You could only see my back, I was laying in the water. I’ll never forget the director (William Wellman), he was a great director, a tough director. I had two arrows in my back laying in the water. I couldn’t hold still, it was so cold and my teeth were chattering. The director said, ‘Keep that jerk still, he’s supposed to be dead!’ I had just come from dramatic school in New York. I thought I was a great actor, I’m the only one who did.”

Psychotronic Video #6, Summer 1990, interview by Mike Murphy and Johnny Legend, research by Michael J. Weldon

Across the Wide Missouri

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