Quote of the Week

“I wish I could get him [John Cassavetes] on the phone now and call him up and speak to him… I wish I had a direct wire to where he is. If there’s a heaven, boy, if there’s a God, he’s got to be right there. I feel his spirit around me… John Cassavetes was different! He would inspire people. He didn’t believe in anything negative; there wasn’t a negative bone in his body. You could always call him up any time and he was always there to give you a helping hand. Just incredible… He had to drop dead and die, I mean it’s just a shame. I don’t know why he couldn’t have stayed. He kept telling me he’s OK, he’s OK, but he wasn’t.”

— from “Rebels With a Cause: The Timothy Carey-John Cassavetes Partnership,” article and interview by Ara Corbett, Filmfax magazine #56 (May/June 1996)

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