Video of the Week: “The World’s Greatest Sinner”

It’s time for the Video of the Week! The World’s Greatest Sinner (1962) is Tim’s grindhouse magnum opus. He wrote it, produced it, financed it, directed it, starred in it, promoted it, stood outside the theater greeting patrons, sold tickets and popcorn, ushered folks to their seats. The absolute last word in truly independent filmmaking!

Future cult favorite Ray Dennis Steckler shot the film, and young Frank Zappa wrote the music. Would we love to see a nice big fat Criterion release of this film? Heck yes we would! But for now, please buy your copy from Tim’s son Romeo at Absolute Films (I know it says VHS, but you will get a DVD). In fact, please buy everything you can possibly afford from this site – all proceeds go to funding future Carey projects, such as finally getting Tweet’s Ladies of Pasadena released. DO IT NOW!

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