Pic of the Day: “Satan, Cyanide and Murder”

Our pic for today is from the detective series The New Mike Hammer, starring Stacy Keach in the title role. The episode is “Satan, Cyanide and Murder” (I wish I could tell you that it lives up to such a fabulous title, but it really doesn’t), which first aired on April 14, 1984. Tim is Kenny the Knife, who just got out of the slammer (Hammer put him there) and pops up in Hammer’s back seat to let him know how much he appreciated what he did for him. No, really – he’s got religion now.

I apologize for the poor quality of the pic; it obviously came from a well-worn videotape. The look on Keach’s face throughout the scene is priceless: “You’re gonna kill me, aren’t you? Please tell me you’re not gonna kill me.” Kenny appeared again in a later episode, “Cold Target.”

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