Quote of the Week

EC: You worked with Timothy Carey, of course, in both The Killing and Paths of Glory. And you also worked with him in Bert I. Gordon‘s The Boy and the Pirates (1960). You have any interesting stories to tell about Timothy Carey?

Turkel: Oh, Tim is delightful, may he rest in peace. He was his own man, and he would do anything to call attention to himself in a scene. All the actors would say, “Tim, will you tone it down a little? Just play the scene.” (laughing) He was a nice man, and he had a nice career… Let me say this, all the producers who hired him had to pay a price. However, they got something for what they paid. He was well worth the price.

Joe Turkel, interview with Eric Caidin, “Lloyd Speaks!: An Interview with Actor Joseph Turkel,” Shock Cinema magazine #20, Spring-Summer 2002

Paths of Glory

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