Pic of the Day: “One-Eyed Jacks”

My latest eBay score! One-Eyed Jacks (1961) was Marlon Brando’s directorial debut. The film was originally slated to be directed by Stanley Kubrick. Tim is quite memorable as drunken louse Howard Tetley, seen here manhandling poor Margarita Cordova after shoving her face into a bowl of chili.

One-Eyed Jacks
Tim once said of his Jacks experience, “I played a bully and was supposed to push this girl’s face in a bowl of chili. She was supposed to get angry, but she kept on crying. Brando, who directed the film, told me to get her angry, to kick her in the ass! Karl Malden said, ‘You can’t do that!’ I said, ‘I know, her husband’s gonna kill me!’” Margarita and her husband owned the El Cid flamenco club in Los Angeles for nearly twenty years.

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