Video of the Week: “Superstar”

EDITOR’S NOTE 05/31/12: Another one removed for copyright infringement. Sigh. This is getting monotonous. Sorry, folks.

Here comes the video of the week! It’s the episode of the infamously short-lived television series Supertrain called “Superstar,” first appearing on your TV screen on March 14, 1979. Tim is paired with Mills Watson as a couple of bumbling bad guys. Sylvia Sidney‘s character calls them “Dopey and Grumpy.”

This is part one of five parts, so make sure you watch the whole thing. Tim has a great scene with a teddy bear… Supertrain was hyped as the most expensive series ever made at the time, but the show was canceled after nine episodes, proving that buckets of money really have nothing to do with whether or not something is worthwhile.

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