Videos of the Week: “The Killing” and “Home to Methuselah”

EDITOR’S NOTE 09/18/13: Unfortunately both videos are now history. Sorry about that.

Since I missed last week, you lucky people get two Tim videos this week! Let the rejoicing begin!

First off is the scene introducing Tim’s character in Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing (1956). Tim was usually the scene-stealer, but here the scene is stolen right out from under him by an adorable puppy. Even the great Sterling Hayden is forced to bow to the puppy’s awesomeness.

Next up is a complete change of pace. Tim appeared in The Virginian episode “Home to Methuselah,” which was first broadcast on November 26, 1969. Anyone who thinks Tim was the same crazy wild man in everything he did needs to watch this. It’s a low-key but intense performance with some weird subtext going on. Check out part 4 as well.

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