Quote of the Week

Hey everyone, I’ve been away and I apologize! I am right now in New York City on a super-secret mission from God. The weather has been wicked hot and I’ve been conserving my energy. But from now on, I’m back on track!  Here is Tim’s wisdom for the week:

(on being asked if there is anything he would have done differently)

“[Long pause.] I wouldn’t conceal my farts. I wouldn’t change anything. I’ve always wanted to do things my own way. Same with the play I’ve been writing for some years now, The Insect Trainer. I know it’s not gonna make it. Somebody else said that, too… But that’s the kind of thing I like – something that reaches out.”

– “Cracked Actor,” Film Comment Jan/Feb 2004, interview conducted in 1992 by Grover Lewis

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