Pic of the Day: “He’ll Never See Daylight”

Friday’s pic is really, really silly. It’s from the Baretta pilot episode, “He’ll Never See Daylight,” first broadcast on January 17, 1975. Tim is hoodlum Matty Trifon, enjoying a night out on the town with his boss and their girlfriends. He smooches a bellydancer on her tummy, encourages his friends to eat, drink and be merry (“The food here is great, try some of this, c’mon help yourself, you’ll love it!”), splashes wine on the salad, heaps praise on his boss, and fails to notice Baretta hovering behind him, in disguise as a waiter.

He'll Never See Daylight (1975)

And then the chicken arrives. Matty pulls on a pair of white gloves (which later showed up on Flo during the restaurant scene in The Killing of a Chinese Bookie) and slowly, methodically, and ecstatically devours that chicken. It is so funny.

Legendary television director Bernard L. Kowalski is to be commended for letting Tim add his own special brand of craziness to this scene. Whenever I feel sad, I look at this picture. It makes me giggle like a little girl.


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