Pic of the Day: “The Wild One”

Our pic today comes from Laslo Benedek‘s The Wild One (1953). Tim is uncredited but unforgettable as “Chino’s Boy #1,” splashing a bottle of beer in Chino’s (Lee Marvin) face to revive him after a fight with Johnny (Marlon Brando). Tim gets some beer on Brando too, which was not in the script. Brando wasn’t too happy about it.

The Wild One
Tim said of his involvement in the film, “Someone took me over to see Laslo Benedek, who directed The Wild One, and he liked me, but he wouldn’t let me drive a motorcycle. I guess he didn’t trust me. He thought I’d run over a few people.” When Brando directed Tim years later in One-Eyed Jacks (1961), he told him, “Just don’t throw beer on me again, OK?” Tim replied, “If I do, Marlon, it’ll be good beer; it’ll be German beer.”

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