Boulevard of Dreams

Well, whattaya know – look what’s been only a block or so away from my house all this time!

The funny part is that “N. Carey Blvd.” doesn’t really exist. What was supposed to be a regular paved street ended up as a hiking/bike trail. The sign, however, remains. I’m seeing it as a sign from Tim that I’m on the right path.

Tim also appeared in my dream this morning. I was sitting on a park bench feeling sad. He came strolling along, looking a lot like he did in Chesty Anderson US Navy, with those goofy plaid pants and his World’s Greatest Sinner gold lamé jacket. He stopped, looked at me, grinned and said, “Going nowhere?”

I looked up at him and nodded glumly, but inside I was starting to feel happy just looking at him.

He offered me his arm and said, “Me too! Care to join me?”

I smiled and said “OK!”, then stood up, took his arm and we strolled on down the path. The end.

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