Pic of the Day: “Revolt in the Big House”

Today’s Pic of the Day (you know the drill – click to embiggen) is an original still I got on eBay from R.G. Springsteen’s Revolt in the Big House (1958). Tim is shown with his future Baretta co-star, Robert Blake (with whom he also co-starred two years previously in Fred F. Sears’ Rumble on the Docks), and the wonderful Gene Evans (Sam Fuller’s The Steel Helmet), as they prepare to instigate the revolt. Tim’s character is Ed “Bugsy” Kyle, a weight-lifting con who loves his machine gun. I like how big, thick and solid he looks in this picture.

Revolt in the Big House

I’m a sucker for a good prison movie, and this one is not too shabby. Not quite as good as my favorite prison flick, Riot in Cell Block 11 (1954), but don’t miss it if you get the chance.

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