Pic of the Day: “That Sister Ain’t No Cousin”

Today’s pic (click to embiggen) comes from one of Tim’s four appearances on the TV show Baretta. The episode is “That Sister Ain’t No Cousin,” and it was first broadcast on January 19, 1977. Tim portrays a drug lord known as El Greco, whose interests include cock-fighting and ancient Greek culture. He and his henchman, played by Judd Omen (Tim Burton’s Pee-wee’s Big Adventure), are enthralled by their new shipment of statuary in which is secreted a million dollars’ worth of heroin. I think. Or, something. It’s kind of vague. Anyway, it’s going to enable them to live “like the Greek kings.”

That Sister Ain't No Cousin

This shot has several things going for it. And by that I mean, Tim’s outfit. That jacket is absolutely priceless. And I am madly in love with the hat. Madly, I tell you.

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